Barium Nitrate We started in 2008

Founded in 2008, The company covers an area of 56,000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. At present, The enterprise has 3 production lines.

Why Choose Us

High purity

The purity of barium nitrate is a major advantage of our plant. We adopt advanced production technology and strict quality control system to ensure that each batch of barium nitrate reaches the highest purity and meets customers’ demand for high quality products.

Highly safe production processes

A series of strict safety measures are taken during the production of barium nitrate, including closed production facilities, strict control of toxic emissions and specialized training for employees, to ensure that the production process is safe for both people and the environment.

Diverse Product Line

Our product line not only includes barium nitrate in a variety of sizes and purities, but also offers its related compounds and other customized solutions for specific applications. This diversity allows us to meet the needs of a wider range of customers.

Quality Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is always our primary goal. We provide comprehensive technical support and logistics services to ensure customer satisfaction and business growth. Our team will work closely with you to fulfill whatever application-specific needs you require.

The company currently employs 670 people, with 201 technicians

The annual production capacity is 20,000 tons of barium nitrate, 8,500 tons of flake sodium sulfide, 7,200 tons of flake sodium hydrosulfide, 10,000 tons of barium chloride dihydrate, 20,000 tons of barium carbonate, 6,000 tons of barium hydroxide, and 600 tons of birch bark paint chips.


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